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Why Tribe of You?

Tribe of You is a genealogy site bridging the gap between beginner and semi-pro. Our team of expert genealogist have a combined experience of over 100 years, and they are passionate about sharing their knowledge. 

We cover everything from step by step guides to get your first family tree build kick-started, to pro-tips to help you break through walls that your client hasn’t been able to.

Whether you are looking for field-tested techniques for find living relatives or reviews of the best DNA test kits to help you determine your ethnic roots, we’ve got it covered.


Meet Our Genealogists

Our team consists of pro-genealogists with a ton of battle-tested experience and infectious passion that will inspire you to go further and deeper into your family history than ever before.

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Sam Maner // Professional Genealogist, Author, Teacher

A professional genealogist, Sam has been researching on for more than thirty-five years. He served as the registrar for the Sons of the Revolution (three years), county historian for Sevier County (three years) and registrar for the European Society Sons (current). While a county historian, he founded the Sevier County Public Library's History and Genealogy department. I have traveled many times for research to England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Ecuador, Rome and the Vatican.

Sam is the author of 20 genealogy-related books, and has also written a history book entitled "The Generals of the First Commander and Chief".

He has researched well know people helping them to find their roots: Former President George W. Bush, John Herzog (Director for Schindler's list) and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligans Island).

Sam is an experieced teacher of genealogy and has held positions at Pellissippi State Community College, Tellico Village Public Library and Kettering Community Center.

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